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SI-3212 Vojnik, Slovenia

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We provide our clients with a wide scope of services related to translation, interpreting and proofreading.
  • Translation:
    • translation of non-specific (general) texts
    • translation of professional, scientific, specialised and specific texts:
      • software localisation;
      • translation of (application, entry) forms;
      • translation of abstracts;
      • translation of advertisements, commercials and advertorials;
      • translation of advertising materials;
      • translation of annual reports;
      • translation of articles;
      • translation of audio files;
      • translation of blurbs;
      • translation of brochures;
      • translation of business letters and other correspondence;
      • translation of catalogues;
      • translation of certificates;
      • translation of confidential documents;
      • translation of contracts/agreements;
      • translation of declarations of conformity;
      • translation of expert papers;
      • translation of financial statements;
      • translation of instruction manuals;
      • translation of leaflets;
      • translation of legislation and legal texts;
      • translation of letters of proof;
      • translation of letters;
      • translation of marketing materials;
      • translation of permits, licences and authorisations;
      • translation of personal names;
      • translation of references;
      • translation of reminders/dunning letters;
      • translation of research reports;
      • translation of sales letters;
      • translation of scientific papers/academic publishing;
      • translation of scripts;
      • translation of slogans;
      • translation of study materials;
      • translation of subtitles;
      • translation of summaries;
      • translation of tagged documents;
      • translation of technical documents;
      • translation of testimonials;
      • translation of text in special format;
      • translation of theatre bills;
      • translation of video files and
      • translation of websites.
    • subtitling
    • translation of texts spanning multiple fields
    • website translation and other specialized (tagged) formats
    • software localisation
  • Translation of slogans for companies, services and products - we will also gladly translate your personal motto.
  • Have your name translated into Chinese! Do you find Chinese characters (logograms) beautiful and fascinating? Are you considering getting a tattoo in Chinese? We will translate your name, surname or a short phrase into Chinese at a very affordable price.
  • Adaptation of advertising materials to suit your target audiences; avoid common localisation errors in communication with your target market, since the target audience may quickly judge stilted communication as indicative of inferior quality of your services.
  • Preparation of English abstracts of texts in other languages – excellent shortcut for highly mobile business people and members of academic or scientific communities; you can bypass the nightmare of working your way through endless pages of foreign literature, and at the same time eliminate the need for a complete translation. You will save time and money.
  • Proofreading – do not let missing commas and awkward word combinations mar your corporate image; errors in grammar and syntax may create an overall impression of sloppiness and poor quality of services. A must if you use machine-translated texts.
  • Translation, text formatting and design in many applications - we prepare your materials for printing, insert images into documents etc.
  • Transcription and conversion services – every text we receive from you in non-digital form (e.g. printed materials, manuscripts or drawings) will be transcribed into digital form that you will receive along with your translation. This also enables us to create a special Translation Memory for you and will permanently decrease your translation costs. You can also offer transcription services alone at a favourable price.
  • Back translation is a very simple way to protect yourself against costly mistakes, since it is an excellent method of evaluating the accuracy and pinpointing potential ambiguity of your translated materials. With this service you can quickly and thoroughly review the quality of your existing language service provider. Back translations are standard practice in fields (such as market research) where translation errors may incur prohibitive costs.
  • Term research/creation of glossary – if you would like to learn all meanings of a certain phrase, including those that are culturally specific or rarely used, or you may have stumbled across a word that is not listed in any dictionary, we will gladly do the research. If your business partner wants to treat you to a Prekmurska gibanica and you are not sure whether you should bring your bathing suit, ask us.

Do you see something you need? Let us know the details and we will send you a quotation.

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