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SI-3212 Vojnik, Slovenia

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The advantages and benefits for our clients.

  • We always meet the deadlines; should we ever fail to do so due to a mistake on our part, we will complete the service free of charge.
  • Our clients are presented with the exact price of the translation before placing their order, as we charge per source word. In case your provider has ever given your a lecture on how translations are usually longer than originals and therefore the exact price cannot be set in advance, you will be glad to learn this is not the case with us. You will never face unexpected increases of cost in cases where the length of the translation exceeds that of the original.
  • We consistently use client's preferred terminology and fulfill specific requests.
  • We have developed and perfected our own quality assurance system.
  • We also work with special text formats, manipulate images and prepare documents for printing, all at competitive prices.
  • Our translators and proofreaders are specialised for particular fields which makes them fast and reliable, and proficient in the currently relevant terminology of their field.
  • We offer convenient payment terms for regular clients that include payment in instalments and extension of payment deadlines to up to 30 days.
  • We do not charge extra for tight deadlines, or by type of content and difficulty level of translation; while ordering our services, you need not negotiate the definition of a demanding text or a short deadline.
  • All our translations are subject to expert copy-editing that is, along with the selection of the best translator for the job, the best method of eliminating errors or inconsistencies.
  • We offer special discounts based on the length of the original as well as recurrances within the original. You will know the discount rate and final price of the translation job as soon as you send us your source text.
  • We use CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) software to support all our translation projects, that in turn means greater speed, consistency and - upon request - a comprehensive database of all your translated materials.
  • Upon request, we will provide our clients with useful feedback (for example: you can receive advice on how to improve your writing style along with your proofread texts, with translations, you can receive advice about what terminology to use).
  • We maintain the strictest confidentiality regarding our clients; the original texts are never archived after the translations have been delivered; all our associates are legally (by contract) and morally (by translators' code of ethics) bound to protect your privacy. In addition to this we also use reliable methods to prevent any information leaks.
  • We always reward early payment of invoices (payments prior to invoice due date) with a special discount, by issuing a corresponding credit note after receiving the payment.
  • Our staff are thoroughly qualified and seasoned. We employ translators, editors and proofreaders, who are qualified in the following fields:
    • Achitectural translations;
    • Agricultural translations;
    • Archeological translations;
    • Art translations;
    • Botanical translations;
    • Carpentry translations;
    • Chemistry translations;
    • Construction translations;
    • Engineering translations;
    • EU-related translations;
    • Financial translations;
    • Gastronomic translations;
    • Historical translations;
    • IT translations;
    • Legal translations;
    • Linguistic translations;
    • Literary translations;
    • Marketing translations;
    • Mathematical translations;
    • Medical translations;
    • Pharmaceutical translations;
    • Technical translations;
    • Technological translations;
    • Tourism translations;
    • Vernacular translations and
    • Veterinary translations.

  • We also provide several services you will most likely find nowhere else, such as term research and preparation of abstracts. We invite you to read a more in-depth description of our services.

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