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Welcome  ANGLOS d.o.o.
Keršova 12
SI-3212 Vojnik, Slovenia

tel: +386 (0)591 990 17
fax: +386 (0)591 990 18
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The Anglos d.o.o. company provides high-quality language services. We specialise in translation. Our guiding principles are: complete confidentiality, speed, reliability, friendly attitude and quality of service.

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  Our clients are given the exact price of the translation in advance, since we charge our translations by length of the original; consequently, you will never be faced with unexpected increases of cost if the length of the translation exceeds that of the original.   We use CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) tools on all our translation projects, which in turn means greater speed, consistency and, upon prior agreement, a comprehensive database of all your translated materials (Translation Memory).


All our associates and employees are legally bound to protect the privacy of our clients, moreover, we apply reliable safeguards to prevent any information leaks; the advantages of an effective system of data protection are self-evident.


We do not charge extra for tight deadlines, or by type of content and difficulty level of translation; while ordering our services, you need not negotiate the definition of a demanding text or a short deadline.


We offer special discounts based on the length of the original as well as recurrances within the original. You will learn the discount rate and final price of the translation as soon as we receive your original text.
   All our translations are subject to expert copy-editing that is, along with the selection of the best translator for the job, the best method of eliminating errors or inconsistencies.


We always honour the deadlines that have been agreed upon. Should we ever fail to do so due to a mistake on our part, we will complete the service free of charge.

   Finally, we provide several services you will most likely find nowhere else. We invite you to read a more detailed description.
A LAND OF POLYGLOTS: The Republic of Slovenia (home of the Anglos company ) is a true melting pot of languages and cultures.

German language is spoken in our northern neighbour Austria; German belongs to the West Germanic language family. Our western neighbour is Italy where Italian is spoken. It is a Romance language from the Italo Dalmatian language family. Our southern neighbour is Croatia; Croatian is spoken there. This Slavic language belongs to the Western South Slavic language family, just like the official language of Slovenia. Hungarian, the official language of our eastern neighbour Hungary is an Ugric language from the Finno Ugric group of the Uralic group of languages.

Actually, Slovenia has as many as three official languages: the official langue of the whole country is Slovenian (also known as Slovene), while in the areas where the Italian and Hungarian minorities reside, the Italian and Hungarian also hold the status of official languages. Can you imagine language diversity of such magnitude in a small country like Slovenia? And, oh yes, there's more. It can be speculated that a majority of people in Slovenia at least understand (if not speak) Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian and perhaps even a bit of Macedonian.

This is why it is probably not surprising if Slovenians are sometimes referred to by bigger nations (who often tend to learn less foreign languages than smaller nations) as remarkable polyglots.

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