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Quality Assurance  ANGLOS d.o.o.
Keršova 12
SI-3212 Vojnik, Slovenia

tel: +386 (0)591 990 17
fax: +386 (0)591 990 18
e-mail: info|at|

ID for VAT: SI98500368

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We maintain the quality of our services by careful selection of our associates, efficient workflow coordination and implementation of well-designed work processes.
  • Our Translators
    • Are legally bound to guard the privacy of all information and materials they receive from the project coordinators.
    • Are well-trained translators with at least five years of work experience.
    • Are proficient in the use of Computer Assisted Translation tools and also well-familiar with other translation aids.
    • Are specialised to translate texts from specific fields.
    • Have undergone a rigorous selection process prior to starting their work for Anglos d.o.o. and have passed a test of speed and quality of translation.
    • The quality of their work with Anglos d.o.o. is being constantly reviewed, their progress is being monitored and we offer them support with their continued training.
    • Project coordinators and proofreaders are always at their disposal while they translate.

  • Our Proofreaders and Reviewers
    • Are legally bound to guard the privacy of all information and materials they receive from the project coordinators.
    • Are excellent proofreaders/translators with full command of both the source and target languages as well as the topic being translated; the quality and accuracy of the translation are their responsibility.
    • They meticulously review every translation and check and/or correct:
      • style, syntax, grammar and spelling in a translation,
      • consistency of compliance with the client's instructions,
      • consistency of term usage,
      • semantic matching of the translated text with the original, and
      • if needed, they implement final changes so that the translation reads as if originally written in the target language.

  • Our Project Coordinators
    • Are legally bound to respect the privacy of all information and materials they receive from the clients.
    • Are the persons to whom our clients address all their inquiries, requests, wishes and questions.
    • They are responsible for gathering and fulfillment of all the instructions from the client.
    • They are responsible for the prompt acquisition of all necessary materials and clarifications from our clients (meaning you will not find out there has been a problem with the terminology and that the translation will not be delivered on time).
    • When necessary, they outsource experts for specific parts of translation.
    • They coordinate the processing of individual orders; they appoint translators, reviewers and proofreaders for every job, while taking into account the job specifics of the text and preferences expressed by the client.
    • They have the authority to negotiate the deadlines and the responsibility to enforce them.
    • They apply discounts and take into account any other specifics, associated with individual translation jobs.
    • The project coordinators are responsible for the resolution of any potential issues or complaints.
The translation process by steps:
  1. Agreement on deadlines, discounts, price, job specifics and other conditions regarding the translation.
  2. Thorough review of the original and, if necessary, its transcription; at this stage we can alert the client of any obvious and significant errors or inconsistencies in the original text.
  3. Selection of translators, reviewers and proofreaders for the job.
  4. Translation; at this stage we also note errors and inconsistencies in the source that we have been unable to detect in stage 2; if necessary, we will alert the client.
  5. Terminology check and review of accuracy and consistency of the translation.
  6. Review and/or improvement of grammar and style - proofreading.
  7. Final review of the product, and final consultations between the translator, the reviewer and the proofreader.
  8. Delivery of the translation to the client.
  9. Evaluation of the client's satisfaction with the product and carrying out of any corrections requested by the client.
  10. Inclusion of new translation units into the translation memory of the client (upon request).
  11. Delivery of any printed originals to the client and destruction of any electronic versions of the originals at Anglos d.o.o.

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